Hypebae fashion 101: How to dress in street and sexy style like Nadine Lustre

Actress Nadine Lustre is undoubtedly today’s queen of Filipino millennials, with her setting the trends in beauty and style. Her brazen and sexy style combined with the casual coolness of streetwear are definitely a study in fashion that’s “in” with today’s Instagram-savvy youth. Here are some of Nadine’s tried and tested sartorial formula when it comes to dressing hypebae style.

Denim on denim

This style isn’t anything new, but Nadine brings a fresh take to this trend by making it both casual and daring with sneakers and cropped tops. She’s tried two opposite styles: by elevating it with luxe-looking items, including statement heels, and dressed it down with sneakers.

Lingerie as outerwear

This trend was seen from hip-hop stars Rihanna and Rita Ora, to style icons Victoria Beckham and Gigi Hadid. It can be a little intimidating to wear, but Nadine pulled it off while still looking classy for the launch of her own makeup line, Lustrous by BYS. She balanced the form-fitting and revealing bra top with a more loose, comfortable paperbag style pants.

Double bun and embellished tights

What could be more hypebae than this look? From her hairstyle, oversized shirt, glitter tights, to combat-style boots, everything is on point.  Double buns have officially taken over Instagram as the newest cool girl hairstyle and Nadine is on track when it comes to keeping up with the trends.

Touch of bling

Just when you think chain belts are a thing of the 90’s past, Nadine is bringing it back and paired it with her signature cropped bra top with sparkles, high waisted pants, and sneaks.

Sporty and sexy

Lastly, Nadine isn’t afraid of showing off her fit and slim bod with casual sporty styles mixed with pieces that show just the right amount of skin.

Photo credit: Instagram – @nadine

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