5 unique activities to try this 2018

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2018 has finally come, and we all once again start with a fresh slate for everything–new habits, new hobbies, new friends, new experiences, and more. If you’re a travel addict, the new year brings you once again 365 days for once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Don’t have travel plans yet? Here are some unique experiences you can try in 2018.

Enjoy a scenic train trip

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This year, ditch the airplanes and ferries for a long scenic train trip. Train trips may seem like a bit old-fashioned, but it’s also what adds to their charm, besides the magnificent views you’ll enjoy. If you don’t mind sitting for hours and you love soaking up stunning views, this is the perfect 2018 adventure for you.

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Among the best scenic train trips you can embark on is the Glacier Express in Switzerland, which treats you to a front row seat to the incredible vista of the Alps and charming Swiss towns. Want a trip to the heavens? Take the Tren a las Nubes in Argentina which is dubbed the “train to the clouds.” The ride takes you to over 13,800 feet up into the Andes mountains, one of the highest trips in the world.

Go on a glacier hike

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Take your hiking adventure to another level this 2018 by going on a glacier hike. If you love ice adventures and the cold doesn’t bother you anyway, a glacier hike is definitely for you. Besides the adrenaline rush it brings, a glacier hike provides you an incredible backdrop of crystalline beauty which you can only experience in some places.

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Among the most beautiful glaciers you can explore is Vatnajökull Glacier in Iceland. The largest glacier in Europe, it makes up an extensive 8,300 square kilometers. Besides walking on ice, you can enjoy various highlights here such as a boat ride amid floating icebergs, cave adventures, a snowmobile ride, and a trip to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.

Explore colorful landscapes and attractions

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Add a splash of color to your 2018 by visiting colorful attractions that seem out of this world. If you love rainbow colors, head to Southwest China where you can see Zhangye Danxia, the “Rainbow Mountains of China.” Rivaling this World Heritage Site is Netherlands’ Tulip Fields which features 3 billion tulip flowers of various colors.

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Australia, meanwhile, has Lake Hillier, which has a unique pink color. If you love pink with purple, on the other hand, visit Takinoue Park in Hokkaido, Japan, which features a sea of pink moss, specifically in May and June.

Watch beaches glow with bioluminescent plankton

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Ever wondered how a star-studded seascape looks like? Wonder no more by visiting bioluminescent beaches this year. The view is considered a natural phenomena, with the beaches beautifully glowing neon blue at night because of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is a type of microalgae which emits a bright blue light when agitated by waves or any type of movement in the water.  The phenomena is considered ocean’s version of Northern Lights.

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Among the best places to witness this jaw-dropping view of ocean of stars are Mudhdhoo Island in Maldives, Sam Mun Tsai Beach in Hong Kong, Manly Beach in Sydney, and more.

Explore the vast underwater world through freediving

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Considered an extreme sport, freediving is venturing into deep waters with just one breath and no breathing apparatus. Though the sport/hobby has been around for several years, freediving only started becoming popular in the Philippines last year, with various organizations sprouting left and right to teach the basics to aspiring divers, mostly on weekends.

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Freediving makes your mermaid dreams a reality as it allows you to uncover the riches our marine world has to offer. Besides marine creatures though, you can also go freediving to explore various shipwrecks, underwater sculptures and caves, and so much more.



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