Chinese New Year fashion: These are the products you need to get your hands on

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Here comes the long weekend! And along with it rolls in the Year of the Dog, marking the start of the Chinese New Year (CNY). Whether you believe in welcoming the year with luck or just want to stay in fashion this 2018, here are some of the products from various CNY fashion collections that should be in your radar.

Estee Lauder powder compact with sparkly dogs

Photo credit: Estee Lauder

Ushering in the new year in high fashion, luxury brand Estee Lauder has come out with a “vintage-inspired powder compact embellished with sparkly canines.” The compact powder features two dogs decked out in crystal embellishments. It features a Perfecting Pressed Powder which is refillable.

Bottega Veneta’s poodle wallet

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Fashion brand Bottega Veneta has also come out with a canine collection just in time for the Chinese New Year. The collection includes wallets, pouches, phone cases, and key holders featuring various dog breeds such as poodles, German Shepherds, chihuahuas, and more.

G-Shock Chinese-Japanese-inspired watch

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Want to spice up your G-Shock watch collection? Go get the commemorative timepiece’s Chinese New Year-inspired watch, which features a gold-on-black color scheme. It also showcases a “vulnerable canine” and the text “2018.”

Louis Vuitton pup-inspired collection

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Designer brand LV also has its own Year of the Dog collection. It features bags, key holders, and jewelry with the cartoon Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu.

Chinese dog-inspired boots

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Both Timberland and Dr. Martens have launched their own boots inspired by the Chinese New Year. Timberland’s “festive special” called “Window Flowers” features a Chinese folk art aesthetic in its logo as well as gold accents.

Photo credit: Juice

Dr. Martens’, meanwhile, features a gold foil dog motif in the boots’ tongue. It’s limited edition, so make sure you get it soon before it runs out.


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