Do it for the ‘gram: 5 couple travel poses to try on your vacay

You’ve seen it all over social media: couples posting #FollowMeTo poses everywhere they go. The once unique pose is a “series of photographs shot from the first-person perspective of the photographer’s subject pulling them by the hand in different locations.”

While the pose popularized on Instagram by photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia Zakharova is a nice way to spice up your travel photos, it’s not original anymore. If you want to add a distinct style to your travel photos with your bae, here are other couple picture poses you can try.

1. The “admiring the view” pose

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This is pretty easy: just turn your backs on the camera and do a sweet pose while pretending to admire the view in front of you. Of course, the view should be awesome and Instagram-worthy. The problem though is who’ll take your picture. You can ask someone else to take your photo or you can bring along your trusty tripod.

2. The “hands together” or “feet together” pose

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These days, the poses that create waves on social media are actually those that do not expose the subjects’ faces. For this pose, just take a photo of your hands clasped together or feet side by side against a beautiful backdrop.

3. The “i-Dawn Zulueta mo ako” pose

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This one’s not as easy to pull off as the others, but enough practice and takes could give you the perfect photo. The “i-Dawn Zulueta mo ako” pose was named such by Vice Ganda in “Gandang Gabi Vice” because of a scene in the movie “Hihintayin Kita sa Langit” where Richard Gomez lifted Dawn Zulueta in the air.

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If you don’t want it too dramatic though, you can try other variations of the pose by making it more fun or casual. Or to make it even better, do a yoga lift instead (if you and your bae can manage it).

4. The “HHWW by the beach” pose

You probably actually hold hands while walking on the beach anyway, so why not document it in photos or even video? If you don’t have a photographer and all you have is a GoPro, just “plant” your GoPro in the sand, make sure it’s stable, and do some test runs first before you take the photo. You can use a burst/series shots setting so you can have various pictures while walking.

5. The “buwis-buhay” pose

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What’s a trip without some adventure? To spice up your couple travel photos, try taking some daring shots for that one-of-a-kind souvenir.

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