Mocha Uson said Mt. Mayon is in Naga, and the reactions, memes are gold

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that Mocha was recently given an award for her service in government by the UST Alumni Association. That move became hugely controversial, resulting in an uproar.

In defense of the UST Alumni Association that gave her the award, Mocha released a video saying that the issue was blown out of proportion, and there are other problems that we should be focusing on, such as the Dengvaxia case, Drilon and Napoles, and the erupting Mt. Mayon–in Naga.

Although Mocha did have a point, it was entirely lost when she made the blunder about the volcano’s location. In case you didn’t know, Mt. Mayon being in Naga is fake news. Last time we checked, it’s still in Albay. Of course, the internet, being petty as can be, made a huge deal out of the mistake (which, to be fair, Mocha has already apologized for). However, the funny reactions are just too precious not to post. Behold, the comments and memes that are gold:

Parang SM lang, may branch. Lol



Your ASEC, folks. 😉


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