Must-have apps to make your IG stories stand out

If you’re one of the many people who live and breathe Instagram (IG), especially Instagram Stories, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to up your game. If you want to make your short videos stand out and get as many people watching, you should consider these apps as your best friends.

Hype Type for animated text overlays

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If unique IG stories is your goal, the in-app text overlay feature just won’t cut it. Spice up the photos and videos in your stories by using Hype Type, which is only available on iOS (sorry, Android users). Hype Type allows you to add animated text to your IG story in just a few steps.

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Just like Instagram, Hype Type allows you to use an image or video from your camera roll or record a video. Choose the image or video where you want to add the animated text and double tap on the screen. You can either type your own text or choose a quote from the app. After typing or choosing the text, you can further customize it by choosing from the different styles and color combinations on the app. Hit save when you’re done and your project will be available on your camera roll, for easy uploading on Instagram.

Combine videos and photos in a collage

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Instead of featuring videos and photos separately per frame or screen time in IG Story, why not combine them in one collage? PicPlayPost, a free app on iOS and Android, lets you do just that.

Start by clicking “New Project” and “Create a Collage.” Choose the “Classic” layout, then tap the “Select Ratio” box to choose “Vertical (Instagram Stories).” You can then add videos and photos to combine them in a collage. Make the style your own by tinkering with the Style and Music tools on the app. You can also add your own watermark on your project if you upgrade to the Pro version. Make sure you preview what you’ve done before saving.

Vertical photos

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Since standing out is your goal, make sure your IG story is different from others by using vertical photos via InShot. Available on iOS and Android, InShot “verticalizes” your videos and adds a blurred or solid background to them. The app also allows you to add animated emoji and text, music, effects, voice-overs, and filters. You can even adjust the speed of your videos.

So are you ready to take your IG Stories to the next level?


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