New sparkle in town: Glitter cappuccino to brighten your mornings

Can’t function without coffee? There’s a new way to rise and shine (literally) as the glitter coffee trend has taken over Instagram and coffee shops in Melbourne, Australia and Mumbai, India.

Coffee By Di Bella, a chain of coffee shops in Mumbai, has taken coffee art to another level with its glitter coffee dubbed Diamond and Gold Cappuccino. Designed to make your mornings brighter, the glitter cappuccino allows you to ease into mornings on a sparkly note.

Basically, the drink is just your normal cappuccino made from a base of double espresso and steamed milk foam. What makes it different though is its glitter sprinkled on top, which you can actually drink since it’s edible. Now you can drink glitter for breakfast and shine all day!

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Photo credit: Today

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