PH Showbiz Yearender: Top personalities that made noise this 2017

The Philippine entertainment industry saw a lot of controversies this 2017. Now that it’s almost 2018, let’s look back at the top personalities that were at the center of discussion. Here are the actors and actresses who created a lot of noise this year – whether it’s the good or bad kind.

Jake Zyrus

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In June of this year, Charice Pempengco shocked everyone when she announced that she’s changing her name to Jake Zyrus. Although Jake admitted before that his “soul is male,” his announcement of his transition via Twitter still came as a shock to his fans. Some expressed concern about him losing his high-pitched voice as he undergoes physical transition, but Jake assured them that he’d still be performing even after his transition is fully complete.

Erich Gonzales

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In February 2017, Erich made headlines when she and Daniel Matsunaga broke up.  While Daniel insisted then that they were still friends despite the breakup, Erich said otherwise, even threatening to spill the real reason behind their separation—until their management intervened.

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A month after the nasty breakup, Erich astounded everyone when she showcased her perfect abs during a guesting in a show. But it was in July 2017 when Erich became really much talked about, all because of a supposedly romantic (and very public) coffee date proposal that went awry.

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Xian Gaza, a young businessman, put up a billboard in Manila asking out Erich for a coffee date. It became viral, but the move, which was initially deemed cute by some, backfired. Many said that the proposal was creepy and that it was made public so Erich would not be able to decline. The actress, however, eventually rejected the offer as various controversies came up about Xian, with some claiming that he was only pretending to be rich and was only after a few seconds of fame (which he seemingly enjoyed).

Empoy Marquez

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While you may have known him before as a comedian, Empoy rose to fame as a serious actor when his movie “Kita Kita” with Alessandra de Rossi became a huge hit in July. Critics were all praises for the unusual romantic (but sad) movie, and it opened new opportunities for both Empoy and Alessandra. After the successful film, various media outlets considered Empoy as a leading man material, lining him up with stars such as Piolo Pascual.

Arci Munoz

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Meanwhile, August was a rough month for actress Arci Munoz, who was gravely bashed online due to her supposed noselift. Photos of the actress looking unrecognizable circulated on social media, with netizens poking fun at Arci’s physical appearance, calling her the “female Michael Jackson.”

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Arci mostly ignored the plastic surgery rumors, neither admitting nor denying them. She, however, said that it’s her life and her rules, and that she’ll do whatever will make her happy and confident.

John Lloyd and Ellen Adarna

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In September, John Lloyd and Ellen Adarna were at the center of the rumor mill when photos of them vacationing together in Cebu circulated online. The two denied that they were in a relationship, but Adarna kept posting sweet photos of them together.

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Besides the romantic photos, John Lloyd’s drunk pictures and videos also made waves during the time, prompting the actor to apologize to his young fans for his behavior. Not long after, it was announced that John Lloyd will be taking an indefinite leave from showbiz to take care of “personal matters.”

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Soon after the announcement, she was again spotted with Ellen in a vacation around Europe. It was during the time that pregnancy and engagement rumors hounded the two. Until now, John Lloyd and Ellen haven’t spoken up about the real status of their relationship or whether they’re engaged and having a baby.

Xander Ford

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In October, Marlou Arizala died and Xander Ford was born. The transformation of Marlou, who’s often a victim of online bashing and bullying, was televised, and the big reveal of his new face was made such a big deal. While some raved about his improved appearance, others still never run out of insults for the aspiring actor.

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After his plastic surgery, Xander was in the spotlight but was mostly embroiled in negative issues. Kathryn Bernardo’s fans attacked him when a video of him criticizing Kathryn spread online. Not long after such controversy, his management announced on Facebook that he was missing, which he denied a few days after. Xander said that he’s just resting and that he wanted to take a temporary break from showbiz, complaining that he’s tired and is not a robot. His management threatened to sue him for missing his shows and other obligations.

Nadine Lustre

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It was also in October when the entertainment industry was shook by the news that Nadine Lustre’s teenage brother committed suicide. The actress kept mum about the news, until some fans posted photos from the wake online. Nadine appealed to them via an Instagram story, asking people to not post pictures, indirectly confirming the news. Soon after, she posted a lengthy emotional message for her deceased brother on Instagram and appealed to people undergoing depression to seek help.

Isabel Granada

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The showbiz industry prayed and mourned when Isabel Granada suddenly fell into a coma while in Qatar due to aneurysm and eventually died. Isabel was declared dead on November 4, a few days after she suddenly collapsed during a show in Qatar. The death of the 41-year-old actress, who’s known to be sporty and a health buff, served as a wakeup call to many as it shed light to the silent killer that is aneurysm.

Maine Mendoza

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Before November ended, Maine Mendoza shook the Aldub Nation’s world when she posted an open letter to her fans on her blog. In the open letter, she thanked her fans for their support but asked them to give her freedom. She explained that she had been finding it difficult to truly express herself and her emotions, as various people always have certain reactions on what she says or does. She revealed once and for all that she and Alden are only friends and a love team, a revelation that devastated many of their fans.


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