Returning Netflix shows to watch out for

This 2018, you have tons more reasons to stay glued to Netflix as a lot of your favorite shows are returning. Here’s a list of Netflix series worth waiting for.

’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2

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Yes, the controversial Selena Gomez-produced show is returning for Season 2 on Netflix this year. If you were left wondering whether Hannah Baker got the justice she deserved, you may finally find out in Season 2, which picks up a few months after the events in Season 1. You’ll also get to find out if Alex survived, what Tyler is planning, and what happens to Jessica after she discovers the truth about her sexual assault. Hannah Baker will still be around too in the form of flashbacks, so you won’t miss Katherine Langford that much.

As of writing, there’s no exact release date yet for “13 Reasons Why” Season 2, but some reports say that Netflix might air it around the same time as Season 1, which is March.

‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2

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The first season of “Jessica Jones” aired back in 2015, and fans have been patiently waiting for the continuation of the story of the fierce member of The Defenders. Though you may have seen the character in the recently aired Netflix show “The Defenders,” the Season 2 of “Jessica Jones” may feature the return of the villain Kilgrave. The show will premiere on March 8.

‘Luke Cage’ Season 2

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If you watched “Jessica Jones” then you know Luke Cage as well. The character’s Netflix show is also expected to return this 2018, right after “Jessica Jones.” You’ll still get to see Season 1’s characters such as Mariah Dillard, Shades, Misty Knight, and Claire Temple. What’s even better is you’ll get to see Iron Fist for at least an episode, which will serve as introduction to his and Luke Cage’s bromance.

‘Daredevil’ Season 3

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Still in the Marvel universe, “Daredevil” also makes a return to Netflix this year. Fans last saw him in “The Defenders,” and it’s rumored that Season 3 may feature the “Born Again” story arc from the comics. Production for the show started in November though, so expect “Daredevil Season 3” to premiere in late 2018.

‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 6

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Yes, the story of your favorite inmates still continues on Netflix, this time with Season 6. It’s said that the success of the show’s fourth season led Netflix to renew it for three more seasons, so you are guaranteed at least until Season 7 of the series.

While the actresses from the show themselves previously said they don’t know yet what happens in Season 6, among the story lines you can expect this year is if Gloria survived, how Daya will pay for the crime she committed, how Suzanne survives in the new world, and more. However, the show’s cast and production team have hinted that the show may end with Season 7, so make sure you join the inmates in their last two (probably) adventures in prison.

‘House of Cards’ Season 6

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Fortunately, this political drama is not yet over, contrary to previous reports. However, expect major changes in the story as the show’s previous star Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, will no longer be around. You probably know that Netflix has severed all ties with Spacey after he was embroiled in sexual assault allegations. Netflix previously announced that the series had been cancelled, but the company decided to move forward and properly conclude the saga.

For its final season, “House of Cards” will revolve around Claire Underwood, and her complicity when it comes to her ambitions will reportedly be different than Francis’ complicity. “House of Cards” Season 6 will also reveal whether Leann is still alive as well as Doug Stamper’s fate.


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