Work it: 10 Instagram OOTD pose inspirations

Instagram influencer blogger poses

Are you running out of ideas for your next Instagram OOTD poses? If you’ve done everything from the fake smiles, “looking away,” and casually trying to look natural poses, check out some ideas from these top fashion bloggers and influencers:


Let the background do the talking

Instead of making the shot about you, why not try taking in the views and take a dramatic shot of a nice background with you as an “incidental” subject? It will make a more interesting and breathtaking outcome.


Thinking deeply

Instead of the usual smiling and looking straight ahead towards the camera, try to look pensive and in deep thought. When in reality, you’re probably dreaming, “What will I eat for lunch? Does this angle look good on me?”


Blinded by the sun

This pose is good during the summer when you have all the sunlight you need. You may be blinded by the sun but it hits you on all the right places and shows your glowing highlighted cheeks.

@ohhcouture / @camilacoelho

Play with your hair

Just casually “fix” your hair while finding your angle.


Lean on something

If you don’t know what to do, just lean on something: whether it’s a wall, a fence, or furniture. It will make the shot either look dramatic or effortlessly chic.


“Too busy” eating to care

This one’s quite easy to do and it will look adorable, too.


The leg pop

Try to have fun and give some movement to your shots by popping one leg.


“Not yet ready” look

Try to look as if you’re in the middle of doing something or “trying to pose but not quite ready yet” while the shot was taken.


Use props

Be creative and look around you for things you can use to make the shot more lively.


If all else fails, try to look anywhere BUT the camera!

Instagram influencer blogger poses
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